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Cost planning a central point of high importance.

especially when working in a joined project with others, a good estimation of your work is important to maintain your own interests of getting a good share of the proposal.

Before start talking about a distribution of funds, think twice what how many positions you want to get and my be appropriate for the work you offer in the proposal. Its also obviously depending on the total budget for the consortium and your role (consortial leader? main proposal writer?) and the contributions of the partners. Try to calculate a total budget for the whole consortium. Doing so you could try to get an understanding of the partners calculated annual staff costs.

Here, University staff will help you very much!

For you won budget, you typically start with calculating with how much staff you think you could need/use.

Depending on this, you could calculate SHK/WHK and travel expenses

Always try to calculate more generous than strict!

Calling facilities typically know that its hard to plan investments in advance - there is always a certain possibility to move budgets from one point to another in later phases.

The cost planning simply has to tell a coherent story at the time of writing. It just has to make sense. If the project is going to be evolving (which it most vertainly will), you can readjust.

think not only about yourself, but the group: travelling expenses and student assistants are always useful!
  • WiMi
    • default: TVL 13/2, get staff cost list, otherwise need name and argument why higher experience is needed. project lead: TVL 14.
    • its alsoways good to be able to name staff in advance. This does not neccessarily need to match the later bookings
  • Student assistants:
    • Differentiation WHK and SHK, typically up to 1 per WiMi
  • Travel costs:
    • CHI, MuC, naem themif you can, field work, meetings with partners,
  • Investments:
    • Hardware, no basic equipment such as computers, alsways worth arguing for the need of computers! (Talk to wineme IT and colleagues about what is needed)
  • Verbrauchsmaterialien
  • Licenses:
  • Rentals: Servers, URLs,...
  • EU: Publication costs for open access
  • Depreciation/ Mwst depending on project agency/call
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