Our projects founded by DFG:
    • CONTici (in the past, Ben and Matthias Betz worked on that)
    • SFB
    • GS
    • Locating Media

  • It is the most conservative founding
  • Good for small projects
  • No industry required
  • You can submit any research idea that you can think of but:
  • It should be a real research idea
  • relevant ideas for computer science or information system
  • just science for itself
  • no over work of communication
  • 1 or 2 professors of the same university normally involved, for fostering the collaboration
  • number of positions:up to 3 positions but more likely 1 and half position
  • Ration for acceptance: 30-40% so quite good, but it has to be very technological oriented
  • Disciplines we can aim for: Computer Science; Information System; Mechanical Engineering; HCI
  • Two divisions: technological and algorithm tradition (conservative); more human and empirically oriented tradition (it’s hard to get funding for that!)
Application language:
  • German
  • English
Application process:
  • Because of no deadlines, the application has to be perfect, it can take one year to write it good
  • Particular in term of writing the state of the art we don’t have to forget important people!
Submission process:
  • They don’t have calls so that submissions and reviewing processes are continuously (submission is continuous, whenever you are ready you can submitted!)
  • It has an open scheme
  • 2-4 times a year the central council meet and decide which project has to receive the money
Review process:
Why don’t we have more DFG project?
Our research is user related and the DFG is very conservative it is not real oriented in innovation


Volker takes note on the declined projects and so you cannot submit rubbish and you can lose your reputation
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