The Town of Wolpershausen works with the Energie Zentrum organisation to achieve 100% regenerative energy use for its 2000 people (6000 including neightbouring villages). iPLON is a technology provider to Energie Zentrum, an advice centre serving this programme. The focus of the project is achieving energy efficiency in homes using Photovoltik systems and Home Automation ( Lights, White goods running times)

We study service composition at three stages:

(a) Home System Design - A home owner wants to invest €10000 to get a more Energy efficient home. At the design stage, he would use webservice composition to experiment with different approaches to energy efficiency (photovoltaic vs wind) and then with configurations of the implementation services (advice, supplying products, installation and maintenance services). - He will get this information through Web services Compositions in a simple way / End User Development / Mash ups The new idea is that he can aggregate his own services needs

(b) Home System Configuration - An engineer from iPLON is wiring the system in someone's home. The system is configured later back from the office. The configuration should not involve programming in the traditional sense, just wiring together hardware services. BAM: This might involve EUP by having the engineer create a graphical user interface for the home owner, by combining in an intelligent way the control panels of the various parts that the home owner has bought. [We had a research project on combining control panels automatically that showed significant ease-of-use improvements over having a collection of independent control panels. See {Jeffrey Nichols, Brandon Rothrock, Duen Horng Chau, Brad A. Myers. "Huddle: Automatically Generating Interfaces for Systems of Multiple Connected Appliances" ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, UIST'06, October 15-18, 2006, Montreux, Switzerland. pp. 279-288. pdf.} probably for U-SAY we would instead want to make it easy for the engineer to assemble the UIs for the various services!]

(c) Home System Optimisation - A system is installed and running. Home Owners can use graphical interface to obtain information about weather forecast, and specify energy optimisation logic, for example in cold weather run the fridge on lower temperature, set your washing machine at the point of the working day when there are no clouds expected, etc. This would involve service composition and programming application logic. This task has collaborative dimension both in terms of home owners seeking advice and best practice from their neightbours, but also collaborating with specialists from the Energy Centrum to optimise their rules. Also, home owners may interact with the original writers of the control software in IPLON to seek advice about control logic rules and device operation. This implements the new joint mode of development sought by the call/objective 1.2..

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