Dear U-SAY partners,

We are now at the final stages of preparing U-SAY for submission, but there is plenty of work to be done. This lists the main actions in this regard.

EPSS registration: Please note that at present this does not concern CMU. Please visit to check and complete your entry under "A section" of the form. Certain details will be greyed out, if they are incorrect please email me and I will change them. The most important item here is the model for calculating your costs, and the legal status of your organisation. Further information may be found in the email sent to you.

TelCo5 contains the minutes and the action list.

TelCo6 is set for Thursday, 3rd May, for 11am European Summer Time (Rome, Berlin). Agenda to appear closer to the time.

All > complete proposal sections for which you have been allocated responsibility (see ProposalSections)

All except CMU > complete the profile of your organisation - please use as a template the profile of SAP from the IndividualParticipants page but also don't forget to mention your main tasks on the project, and the previous experience relevant to those tasks.

All > review the DFD figure of WP dependencies available under SystemArchitecture.

All -> First Submission of proposal to EC on Wednesday, 2nd May 2007

All -> VolunteerReviewers with experience in evaluating EC proposals are sought urgently. They will review the proosal on the 2nd May, reviews to be circulated and discussed at our last telco on the 3rd May.

NM, SS -> Provide first draft of WpStructure

-- NikolayMehandjiev - 28 Mar 2007

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