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The "Politecnico di Milano" Technical University was established in 1863 by a group of scholars and entrepreneurs belonging to prominent Milanese families. The Politecnico di Milano is now ranked as one of the most outstanding European universities in Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design, and in many disciplines is regarded as a leading research institution worldwide. The number of students enrolled in all campuses is approximately 42,000, which makes the Politecnico di Milano the largest institution in Italy for Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design. POLIMI participates to the project with the Information Systems and the Software Engineering groups working on service-oriented technologies.

The Information Systems group, has developed in recent years a framework for adaptive web services for business applications (see The framework is based on flexible and dynamic context-aware service invocation, considering both functional and QoS service characteristics. Research on adaptive web services at Politecnico di Milano focuses on: Web service retrieval, flexible and self-healing web services and context-aware invocation; supporting adaptive BPEL process execution based on quality constraints; QoS negotiation infrastructure and algorithms; Web service design; WS and grid. The group has participated in many EU projects (XXX to be detailed WS-Diamond, WIDE) + MAIS

The Software Engineering group at Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione (DEI) is internationally recognized as one of the most competent research center in requirements analysis, system design, middleware frameworks, software architectures, testing and validation, and service-centric systems. The group has been and is involved in many projects in these areas, in many cases in collaboration with the CEFRIEL research center ( Among the others, we mention: SeCSE (IST 511680), on defining a platform to support the development of service-centric systems, Artdeco (project funded by the national Ministry of Scientific Research), on enabling the creation of networked enterprises through the usage of adaptive, service-oriented infrastructures, CASCADAS (FET IST-2004-2.3.4), on the development of an infrastructure for autonomic communication among distributed and autonomous elements, OPELIX (IST-1999-10288), on the development of a research and negotiation infrastructure to support e-commerce of information, @Terminals (ITEA if99030), on adaptation of contents and applications to the end-user devices characteristics, UWA (IST 25131), on requirements analysis, hypermedia design, transaction design, and adaptability design for complex and ubiquitous Web applications, MOTION (IST 11400), on developing and validating a distributed, multi-service eWork architecture to support distributed collaborations, Future Home (IST 28133), on integrating all the devices and services available in a restricted environment such houses and offices, and MAIS, on developing multi-channel, service-based and customizable information systems. Possible contributions to the U-SAY project:
  • extended UDDI for service retrieval, with mixed (syntactic+semantic) matchmaking services, and QoS extensions
  • automatic generation of queries for service retrieval from registry from information contained in web page templates (with a interface -> service retrieval -> adaptation -> interface paradigm)
  • service QoS negotiation focused on contract generation for service use
  • process-based service selection based on QoS optimization (with arbitrary QoS dimensions, both domain-independent and domain-dependent)

Provide also a short profile of the staff members who will be undertaking the work Prof. Barbara Pernici

Barbara Pernici is full professor of Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. She has a doctor in engineering degree (laurea) from Politecnico di Milano and a MS in Computer Science from Stanford University. Previously she was full professor at the University of Udine (1990-1993) and associate professor at Politecnico di Milano (1987-1990). Her research interests include workflow information systems design, cooperative information systems, web based information systems and virtual enterprises, adaptive information systems and web services, data quality, office and information systems conceptual modeling, computer based design support tools, reuse of conceptual components, temporal databases, applications of database technology. She participated in several EU projects on these topics, among which WS-Diamond in FP6 on self-healing web services and WIDE in FP5 on active workflow systems.

She has been part of the program committee in several international conferences, among which WWW, ICWS, ICSOC, ECOWS, VLDB, SIGMOD, ER, ECOOP, CAISE, Mobis, IFIP 8.1 working conferences. In 2004, she co-chaired the international conference on Business Process Magement, held in Potsdam, the IFIP TC8 working conference on Mobile Information Systems, held in Olso, and the CAiSE workshop on Information and Data Quality, held in Riga. In 2005, she co-chaired the Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (COOPIS), held in Cyprus. In 2006 she has been area responsible for ICSOC. She is workshop chair for CAISE 2007.

She serves as elected chair of IFIP WG 8.1 (Information Systems Design and Evaluation) and second vice-chair of IFIP TC8 Information Systems.

Main related recent publications:

Danilo Ardagna, Barbara Pernici, Adaptive Service Composition in Flexible Processes, IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering, in press.

Devis Bianchini, Valeria De Antonellis, Michele Melchiori, Barbara Pernici, Pierluigi Plebani. (2006). Ontology based methodology for e-service discovery. Information Systems. vol. 31(4-5), pp. 361-380 ISSN: 0306-4379.

M. Mecella, B. Pernici, Cooperative Information Systems based on a Service Oriented Approach, Journal of Interoperability in Business Information Systems (IBIS), issue no. 3, pp.85-112, 2006

Danilo Ardagna, Barbara Pernici, Dynamic Web Service Composition with QoS Constraints, special issue on "Business Processes and Services" of the International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management (IJBPIM), 2006.

Daniel F., Pernici B., Insights into Web Service Orchestration and Choreography, IJEBR special issue on Web Services-Based E-Business Systems, Jan. 2006

Valeria De Antonellis, Michele Melchiori, L. De Santis, M. Mecella, E. Mussi, B. Pernici, P. Plebani. (2006). A layered architecture for flexible e-service invocation”, Software & Practice Experience. Software Practice & Experience, vol. 36(2), pp. 191-223 ISSN: 0038-0644.

M. Comuzzi, B. Pernici. “An Architecture for Flexible Web Service QoS Negotiation”. Proceedings of 9th IEEE EDOC Conference, Enschede, The Netherlands, September 2005

Stefano Modafferi, Enrico Mussi, Barbara Pernici, SH-BPEL - A Self-Healing plug-in for Ws-BPEL engines, Middleware for Service Oriented Computing (MW4SOC) Workshop of the 7th International Middleware Conference 2006, November, 2006, Melbourne, Australia

Prof. Luciano Baresi

Luciano Baresi is an associate professor at Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione at Politecnico di Milano, where he earned both his Laurea degree and a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Luciano was junior researcher at Cefriel (a research consortium between technical universities and industries in the Milan area) and visiting professor at University of Oregon at Eugene (USA) and University of Paderborn (Germany). Currently, Luciano teaches Software Engineering and Foundation of Computer Science. His research interests are on software engineering topics, with special emphasis on software models, service-based applications, and dynamic software architectures. Luciano has published and presented some 60 papers on the most important national and international journals and conferences, and a couple of books in Italian. He served as program co-chair of ICECCS 2002 (International Conference on Engineering Complex Computer Systems), FASE 2006 (Fundamental Aspects of Software Engineering), and ICWE 2007 (International Conference on Web Engineering). He was also workshops chair of ESEC'05 (European Software Engineering Conference).

Main related recent publications:

- L. Baresi, R. Heckel, S. Thöne, and D. Varrò. Style-Based Modeling and Refinement of Service-Oriented Architectures - A graph transformation-based approach. Software and Systems Modeling - Springer-Verlag, Volume 5, Number 2: 187-207, June 2006.

- L. Baresi, E. di Nitto, and C. Ghezzi. Toward Open-World Software: Issue and Challenges. Computer, IEEE, Volume 39, Number 10: 36-43, October 2006.

- L. Baresi, E. di Nitto, C. Ghezzi, and S. Guinea. A Framework for the Deployment of Adaptable Web Service Compositions. Service Oriented Computing and Applications, Springer. Service-Oriented Computing and Applications, Springer-Verlag, Volume 1, Number 1, 75-91, April 2007.

- L. Baresi and S. Guinea. Dynamo: Dynamic Monitoring of WS-BPEL Processes (demo paper). Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of Service-oriented Computing (ICSOC'05). Amsterdam, The Nederlands, 2005. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 3826, pages 478-483.

- L. Baresi, C. Ghezzi, and L. Mottola. Towards Fine-grained Automated Verification of Publish-Subscribe Architectures. Proceedings of the 26th IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference on Formal Methods for Networked and Distributed Systems (FORTE 2006). Paris, France, 2006. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 4229, pages 131-135.

- L. Baresi, C. Grezzi, and L. Mottola. On Accurate Automatic Verification of Publish-Subscribe Architectures. Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE07). Minneapolis (USA), 2007. To appear.

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