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Partners Invited

StefanScheidl, NikolayMehandjiev, AlexanderHaemmerle, VolkmarPipek, IainStalker, ChristianDoerner, AlistairSutcliffe, FabioCasati, PaoloTraverso, MarcoPistore

Partners Present

StefanScheidl (minutes), NikolayMehandjiev, AlexanderHaemmerle, ChristianDoerner, AlistairSutcliffe

abbreviations used


(a) Discussion of USayObjectives

  • objectives to measure progress of consortium
  • additional objective: domain-specific metaphors, languages
  • prototype will wil DODE with integrated collaboration, search, meta-data repository
  • aim: generic architecture (technical), populated with rules, knowledge base
  • thus 2-level delivery
  • ideally address two separate domains for separation of general and domain-specific parts

action items:
  • NM to revise objectives according to discussion

(b) Discussion of WpStructure

  • WP1: driven by PF; generic, due 2007-04-19 (Alex on holiday next week, back on April 16)
  • WP2: driven by task leaders,
    • T2.1: SAP due 2007-04-12
    • T2.2: driven by US, UM interested in task 2.2, due 2007-04-12
    • new T2.3: collab reqs
  • WP3: new scope: domain-independent part of DODOE (WPL: UM, SAP, US?)
    • conceptual domain-independent apescts of DODE
    • new T3.1 community support
    • new T3.2 mixed initiave
    • former T3.1 moved to WP2
    • former T3.3 moved to WP4
  • WP4: architectural concepts (domain specific)
    • T4.1: lead, UM, contrib. SAP, PF
    • T4.2: UM
    • T4.3: lead US, interested PF
  • WP5:
    • T4.1 goes to WP2
    • T4.2 goes to WP3
    • T4.3 goes ???
  • WP6: integrated prototype...
    • SAP to develop task structure by 2007-04-12
  • WP7: intrest by US
    • T6.1 Continuous Integration and Testing - TL: SAP goes to WP6
  • WP8: exploit and diss:
    • T8.1 exploit: lead SAP
    • T8.2 dissemination: lead UM
    • T8.3 integration with EU research activities

(c) Updates re: OurPartners

  • Trento out (under water)
  • G. Engels (Paderborn) would be suitable, but additional German partner problematic. We could approach former group members
  • HP unlikey to participate
  • Deutsche Post: interested, but not decided
    • action item: CD to pursue Deutsche Post, urgently
  • alternative: Telecordia
  • voestalpine: interested, decision expected by Easter
  • SME participation: PF as single SME sufficient?
    • PF to check for additional partners in network
  • Brad Myers (Carnegie Mellon): very interested, but funding problem (US). Open issue: regular partner or subcontracting?
    • action items: NM, Kurt to contact NCPs for subcontracting issues

(d) Allocating responsibilities for ProposalSections

action items:
  • all: partner descriptions, due 2007-04-12
  • WPLs, TLs: provide task descriptions, deliverables, time plan, (risks), due 2007-04-12

(e) Any other Business

-- NikolayMehandjiev - 05 Apr 2007
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