VoestAlpine is a large steel manufacturer in Upper Austria. Their U-SAY scenario would be a typical represenation for the production process scenario, where users can do one of the following:

(a) design a new production process

(b) monitor and control existing and running production processes (considered currently out of scope)

(c) simulate process behaviour under alternative simulations

(d) combinations of these - design by simulation, online simulation to determine best control actions

The exact mode would depend on the industrial partner.

Current understanding of the situation in VoestAlpine is that we would have process engineers composing services shared across the company subsidiaries to obtain information and do production planning, etc. possibly in simulation mode. They are interested in the idea of using Web Services and "services++" across the holding, for example the designer of a car shassi [BAM: Do you mean  chassis, or is shassi a new European word?] can use a service to request costing for steel with special parameters from the steel manufacturer (they are both units within the holding). They would also be using this technology for flexible integration with their trading partners (both suppliers and customers), some of which are SMEs.

From the user perspective, they will be assembling services by "wiring" together processor elements (reactors, condensors, evaporators, etc) stages together for the purposes (a) to (d) above. Each service handles one processor, we compose them together in a complete process.

Such end users are likely to already have process modelling and simulation tools, but these would not allow users to bring in actual services to link into running applications and provide up-to-date information about inventory, etc. In terms of ERP integration, they would not be integrated with costing nor inventory control nor any other ERP module. Even if only simulation is used, the components we specify in the DODE will be procured on service marketplaces (you always have the most up-to-date and cheapest component, etc.)

BAM: My understanding of one of SAP's proposed EUP projects, involving their "widgets" would be very relevant to this scenario, and bring (b) into scope: to allow plant and site managers (on up the chain of higher-level managers) to construct higher level summaries and overviews of plant operations. He can create SAP widgets (which I guess are like Google sidebar views?) to show only important information to him, and allow interactions to drill down into interesting information. the manager would be able to create custom views by assembling services and data from various SAP lower-level databases or whatever SAP calls them.

-- NikolayMehandjiev - 22 Apr 2007
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