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WorkPackage6: Integrated prototype development ( SAP, PF)

  • Development of domain-oriented development environments
  • Develop integrating framework and infrastructure for the components
  • Activities in this work package are based on the bluprints and empty shell demonstrators developed in WP3, WP4 and WP5 and aim at a functional prototype ready for validating (but not productive) implementation at the application partners.

  • continuous integration: SCRUM (
  • alternative: STEPS: taken from: STEPS - a Methodological Framework for Cooperative Software Development with Users The paper presents the basic concepts of STEPS (Software Technology for Evolutionary and Participative System Development) a methodological framework to software development focussing on software in its relation to the work tasks of users. STEPS was elaborated by the authors and their colleagues at the Technical University of Berlin until 1991 and is now continued at the University of Hamburg. This approach concentrates on the methodical support for developers and users and their cooperation in software development. Learning and communication in software development and use are seen in relation to the technical aspects of software construction. Software products are viewed as families of versions to be (re-)designed, (re-)implemented and (re-)evaluated in successive development cycles. Design replaces production as an overall metaphor for software development. Mutual learning in design as well as the extensive use of prototyping facilitate the embedding of software systems in meaningful work processes in the user organization.

T6.1 User oriented design components (SAP, ...)

  • Develop components handling the interaction between the user and the development environment, including the visual editor, designer's assistant

T6.2 Collaboration and appropriation support components (US, ...)

  • Development of a components providing mechanisms for collaborative development, including the connection to shared knowledge spaces such as Wikis or shared model repositories.

T6.3 Machine oriented components (???, ...)

  • Develop formal components underlying the interaction layer. These components would include an engine translating the assembly specification into the enhanced service specification as well as a formal verification engine.

T6.4 Monitoring and feedback component (HP???, ...)

  • Development of the runtime components associated with the execution of services and their exposure to the web where they may be consumed by suitable runtime enviromnents.

T6.5 DODE middleware and infrascructure (SAP, ...)

  • Specification of interfaces between DODE components
  • Development of intagrating infrascructure for DODE components

T6.6 Integration and Testing ( PF, SAP)

Start date: ???

  • Integration of the software components developed in the previous tasks of this work package to provide DODEs for service assembly
  • Testing of functionality according to functional requirements (specified in WPs 3, 4, and 5)

Description of work
  • Integration and testing will be done on a continuous basis (using PF build server).
  • On an annual basis (M13, M24, M35) one-week integration workshops will be held. Here all developing partners come together to advance issues related to the syntactics and sematics of interfaces, to resolve issues limiting the interplay of components and to align plans for the further development.

Shall application partners be invited to provide feedback, i.e. include some validation into workshops???

  • Protocol of first integration workshop (M13)
  • Protocol of first integration workshop (M24)
  • Protocol of first integration workshop (M35)

-- NikolayMehandjiev - 19 Apr 2007
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